Puriclean water storage tank cleaner

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Brand: CleanTabs

Effectively eradicate bacteria, viruses, bio-film, algae and fungi for maximum results simply soak and flush. Perodic use will ensure a clean healthy system for water storage.

Puriclean is available in two sizes

100g  cleans tanks up to 90 litres

400g cleans tanks up to 270 litres

Puriclean provides a simple and effective method of cleaning and purifying the complete leisure vehicle water system. This is non caustic powder dissolves quickly in water to remove dirt, stains, bacteria and algae.

  • Dissolve the required amount of Puriclean powder in water (a plastic container is ideal).
  • Agitate to dissolve and add to the main tank.
  • Fill the tank with water. pump through to all taps including shower. Close all taps.
  • Leave to soak for 1 to 12 hours, depending on condition of water system.
  • Empty tank by pumping out.
  • Rinse by filling tank with fresh mains water and pump out.
  • Fill with fresh mains water.

To keep water fresh add AQUA CLEAN TABS when refilling.

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