Heat resistant silicone sealant 300˚

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Brand: Vitcas

VITCAS Heat Resistant Sealant is a ready to use, pre-mixed, high temperature sealing and caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing, as well as in providing fire protection.

Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant will withstand up to 1300°C.


  • Sealing or fixing ceramics, glass and metal
  • Sealing other silica based materials


Make sure the area is clean and that all dirt, dust, rust and grease is removed. Cut off the top of the cartridge, screw on the nozzle and cut the nozzle to the required size. Apply using a cartridge gun and aim for a thin joint of 2 – 3mm. The material will set at room temperatures but the time will be reduced by applying heat, gradually increasing over a four hour period. When dry, the sealant can be sanded and over painted.

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