Our Mail for Boaters service is perfect for continuous cruisers or live-aboards with no postcode (eg towpath moorings). 

Use our Mail for Boaters service and enjoy the convenience of collecting your mail when it suits you, with the option of having it forwarded.

We offer a secure and private c/o correspondence address (not a residential or company address)so you can  get your mail sent to us and we keep it safe for you until you’re ready to collect it.


How it works:

We assign you a box similar to this:
typical box used for the mail for boaters service at Talbot Wharf

As long as there is space in your box, we will accept items. 

We will sign for your post on your behalf. We will accept letters, large letters and packages delivered by Royal Mail and other carriers/couriers, during our normal opening hours. 

Your post is kept safe and ready in our office for collection during our normal opening hours.

What it costs

Each mail box costs £10 per calendar month, or part thereof, paid in advance. You can choose to pay per month or for multiple months. 

Additional services (extra charges apply)

Print & send

You can email us a document and we will print and post it for you (£5 per DL sized envelope), second class, to fit into a standard letter envelope that measures 110mm x 220mm. This is what most people consider a “letter envelope” and fits A4 paper folded into thirds.

We can also print and send 

  • larger documents with multiple pages and/or 
  • send in larger envelope 
  • use an express or signed-for service

Please ask for a quote

Pre-arranged parcel services.

We can accept parcels that are too large for your box. You must inform us in advance and agree a delivery date with us. Each parcel has a handling fee of £5. 

Mail forwarding

We can forward your mail if you prefer: you pay the shipping costs. We will quote at the time of posting and consolidate all your mail into one package.

Mail forwarding will be charged at the current Royal Mail rates plus a small handling fee.

Once your mail item/items are accepted by Royal Mail we are no longer responsible for it. 

Mail scanning

We don’t currently offer mail scanning 

What we need:

Before your account becomes active we need a record of:

  • Proof of ID (current photo ID with your name and address) 
  • A functioning email address
  • A mobile phone number



How many people can use my box?

One box = 1 person.

You can add one additional person to your box free.

Mail not addressed to the name on the box will be refused.

Mail should have the box number stated on the address.

What’s the address for my box?

You will be assigned a box number when the service starts.

 You should use the following address for your mail:

{Customer name as on the agreement}
{Box no as on the agreement}
Talbot Wharf
The Boatyard, Newcastle Road
Market Drayton

I’m going to be away for a while. What if my box gets full?

We will notify you when your box is getting full. If you can’t collect your mail for a while you can pay to add a second box for a month at a time. 

How often do I need to collect?

It’s entirely up to you. Most people will collect every couple of weeks, but as long as there’s space in your box and you are paying for the service, we can keep your mail indefinitely.

We can store as much mail as will fit into a 9.5cm wide magazine rack. We will notify you when your box is getting full.

What if I don’t collect it?

We will keep your mail as long as you are paying for the service.

If you stop paying, we will not accept further mail. If there is mail in your box when your payment period ends, we will notify you. We will then keep it for three months. If you do not respond to a final reminder we will destroy it.

Can someone else collect my post?

Only when this has been pre-arranged with the box holder in person. We will need proof of ID (current photo ID with name and address) for the person who will be collecting.

How do I apply?

Complete the form online and email it to us, or come into the shop

Where can I read the Terms & Conditions?

You can find full Terms & Conditions of use for our Mail for Boaters service here.